Internet enabled technology provides schools with a new arsenal of tools to achieve significant improvements in learning outcomes. Connected devices give students access to the world but they also give the world access to your students, the good, the bad and in-between.  How then does a school maximise the benefits of digital technology whilst at the same minimising the harms and managing the risk?

Students’ experiences online are often far removed from that of staff and it is vital that educators are aware of the reality young people are confronted with when online. Unless you understand fully the current digital landscape, it becomes difficult to have a full appreciation of what young people may be exposed to and/or involved in online.

As Australia moves to a more litigious society with many law firms who will act on the premise of ‘no win no fee’, it has never been more important for schools to understand their legal obligations in the online environment. Schools have a legal obligation to keep their students (and staff) safe and many are unaware how this plays out in the digital space.  What is the reality? What are policy considerations? What is your ‘duty of care’?  This presentation will look at the reality of the online world including the key issues that a school must consider to ensure the provision of a positive digital space for their communities.

About Susan
Susan is Australia’s leading expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years. She was the first Victoria Police officer appointed to a position involving cybersafety and young people where she established and managed the Victoria Police Cybersafety Project. She has completed advanced training in the USA in 2007, 2012 & 2015 including the Protecting Children Online Certificate from Fox Valley Technical College and has successfully completed the ‘University Certificate in Child Safety on the Internet’ from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. She also has qualifications from Netsmartz/NCMEC (USA) and NSPCC/CEOP (UK). She has also been awarded The National Medal, the Victoria Police Service Medal - 2nd Clasp, and the National Police Medal.
She collaborates with a variety of international bodies and is a member of both the Federal Government’s Online Safety Consultative Working Group and the National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB). Susan provides regular advice and assistance to Australian families and schools in relation to online issues and has developed comprehensive Policy for a range of organisation and also authored resources for the Victorian Education Department. Susan is married with 3 children and is a passionate advocate for young people to have safe and positive online experiences. The second edition of her best-selling book, Sexts Texts and Selfies (Penguin) is the definitive guide for anyone who works with or cares for young people.

Susan is employed by elite sporting bodies such as Tennis Australia, The AFL (Australian Football League), Cricket Australia where she presented to the Australian Team, State teams both male and female as well as junior development squads. She has given expert evidence at the NSW Government Legislative Council’s Standing Committee hearing into the bullying of children and young people also to a Federal Government Inquiry on a related issue. She was also invited to submit a paper and give evidence into the Victorian Governments review of the use of child pornography legislation to those young people involved in ‘sexting’ including the non-consensual sharing of intimate images and has been invited to submit comment to the Federal Government’s Inquiry into the Criminal Code Amendment (Misrepresentation of Age to a Minor) Bill 2013.

She is a member of the Federal Government’s Cybersafety Working Group (CWG) on Internet safety issues. She is the only independent member of this group. She has authored the Cyber Safety Policy for AFL Country and the Australian Karting Association as well as the Cybersafety Policy for Netball Victoria and the Western Australia Sports Federation where her template policy is being used as a model for best practice in every sporting code in Western Australia.

She has also provided training for School-based Police Officers in New South Wales. She regularly appears on television in Australia and overseas as one of the most sought-after and influential commentators and acknowledged experts on cyberbullying in the world. She has spoken on Australian and international radio as well as being sought after for print and film articles for Bloomberg, Spanish National News, AlJezeera, 7Days Dubai and NTN24 South America.  She was the featured expert in the Leader Newspapers, ‘Don’t Hurt’ campaign which aimed to raise the awareness of cyberbullying and its devastating effects on the community. She has also been featured in two stories on 60 minutes Australia about the consequences of ‘sexting’ titled, ‘One Click from Disaster’, which is now being used as a valuable teaching resource in High Schools, and recently in a story called ‘Chloe’s Law’ which looked at the sometimes-tragic consequences of cyberbullying. Susan was also featured on the ABC show Catalyst, which looked at the issue of internet gaming addiction and the science behind these games.  She is the commentator of choice for media outlets around the world on the issue of cybersafety, cybercrime and all online abuse.

Susan has just returned from the Children’s Global Media Summit hosted by the BBC in Manchester where she was the only invited Australian speaker.