Developing positive school culture with kindness and forgiveness

A school’s culture is relationally constructed. The resilience and health of students and staff is constructed upon the culture being inclusive, kind and forgiving.
Mistakes will be made by all. The obligation and intention of an enabling culture ensures that each mistake is approached educationally, not punitively.
The Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm, and the Golden Rule, treat others and you would want to be treated, directs all, when mistakes are made, to a Relationship Reparation process. A process which enables all to learn from such errors and to develop an enabling and healthy resilient mindset.
In such a culture Kindness and Forgiveness replace Fear as the primary motivator. “Relationships matter”, they are our lot. We all live and learn within them.

Developing a resilient culture with kindness and forgiveness.
This workshop will:
Describe HOW to develop a Resilient Culture based upon Kindness and Forgiveness and,
HOW to develop a Relationship Reparation approach to address failure, misjudgement, misbehaviour and mistake and,
how to enable all to accept the role all have in creating a kind and positive, safe and inclusive, learning and living cultural environment.
This will lead to all becoming “upstanders not bystanders”.

About John
A man of many interests and talents, John Hendry has an OAM (Education) and an OAM (Cricket). John has taught in Schools for more than 50 years and has constructed School Cultures based upon “Kindness and Forgiveness”. These two cultural underpinnings have replaced fear as the motivating directives of schools. 
His contention is that life is lived relationally and we are defined by how we behave in relationships. We live and learn entirely within relationships and culture is purely a collection of relationships either defined by vicinity or purpose. He posits all relationships are substantiated and lived with meaning through kindness and forgiveness.
John has presented nationally and internationally on Education, Careers Counselling, Positive Education (one of the founding fathers), behaviour, school and business culture, bullying and violence, sport, performance, resilience, relationships, Restorative Justice, leadership, and establishing high performance and caring cultures where all can perform at their best.
He has represented Australia at international conferences in Europe, England, Mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and USA.
He has conducted retreats on Forgiveness and Gratitude and directly works with schools and organisations to establish cultures.