While a focus on our own wellbeing is important to be productive and healthy it is not enough. Human beings are social creatures and as such our wellbeing exists in the context of the collective. Many schools and workplaces have been had their attention distracted by a focus on creating healthy individuals and forgotten about the context. Healthy school cultures are those that provide a focus on the right drivers of wellbeing and provide energy to those factors that will make a real difference to everyone’s wellbeing. So what will make a difference to your school’s wellbeing culture?


About Stephen

Stephen Macdonald is an Organizational Psychologist who began his life as a teacher.  In his current role as managing Partner of Kaya in Australia he has worked across a wide range of sectors including mining, banking, engineering, government, professional services, healthcare, and education (his first love). Steve has been involved in the development and delivery of a range of leadership enhancement, work performance, team effectiveness, workplace wellbeing and organizational alignment processes within senior levels of education sectors and individual schools. Apart from being a mad Wallabies and Dockers supporter he is completing his PHD with a focus on Wellbeing


About KAYA

Kaya is a multi-national firm specializing in organizational effectiveness. Kaya is committed to building educational capability and healthy schools in Australia and New Zealand. We help schools enhance performance, optimize the culture and, ultimately, maximize staff and student wellbeing. We do this by focusing on people at all levels – we enable schools to achieve their potential by empowering their people to realize theirs.

Kaya offers highly skilled facilitators and coaches with considerable experience in schools and school leadership. With knowledge of both the school and business context, we work with leaders to create a plan for themselves, their leadership team, staff and students. We understand what is needed to develop innovative leadership, effective teams and a school culture that promotes wellbeing and productive students.