As the world realises that fact-based curriculums are preparing our students for jobs that will soon be replaced by robots, shouldn't we be moving towards a curriculum that delivers not only core subjects, but also allows students to develop the soft skills such as time management, empathy and resilience, the skills that will truly equip our students for the jobs of the future. 

The Montessori method allows for teachers to not only cultivate some of the most innovative, independent students, but enables students to take the curriculum in their own direction, whilst still remaining within the constraints of the National curriculum. 

This talk will demonstrate some of the ways in which Montessori changed the course of educational history forever, but also allows attendees to listen to some real-life examples of innovations teachers and educational leaders can make within their schools to inspire independence, self-motivation and enthusiasm. 

Simple changes to the classroom environment and the method of lesson delivery can have the most profound effects on our student outcomes, whilst allowing teachers time to observe the soft skills in the room we so often miss, due to the time constraints of the mainstream classroom. The Montessori method solves that.

About Gavin

Hello. I'm Gavin McCormack. I'm currently the principal at Farmhouse Montessori School in Sydney . I am passionate about teaching and pedagogy. I hold degrees in Montessori education, Primary education and early childhood. I have taught for over 20 years in several countries across the world.

Having conducted hundreds of teacher training workshops in schools across the globe including the U.K. France, Australia, India and Nepal, where I also hold the position of principal at Kathmandu Montessori training center. 

During my school holidays I visit Nepal Where I deliver Montessori training, planning and programming advice, In 2017/18 we trained several hundred teachers on classroom delivery techniques and lesson preparation. Over the last 3 years I have built several schools throughout the country, in some of the most remote parts of the nation.

As a children's author I was nominated for Australian Author of the year 2017. I write and distribute picture books all over the world. They are designed to educate children about the big things in life. Friendship, kindness, acceptance and inclusion. I have just written the life story of Sir Kenny Dalglish, which has been recently released by Liverpool football club.

I am the co-founder of which aims to provide equal educational rights to impoverished nations around the world by providing resources and training to communities too far away from training facilities. 

My favourite quote "You'll never understand true happiness until you help someone who can never pay you back. " Ghandi