A reflective and comparative workshop on the desirability, bias, extent and limits on independent learning that today’s education systems are framed upon for students and the institutions and structures within which we work, teach and learn. We do not educate, nor are we educated, in vacuums, but within inherited learning contexts and constraints such as families, groups, and societies; of nations and cultures; crafting our born identities and Spirituality. The question we pose is;  Does the current British based autonomous focused education system of Australia, meet the needs of how Oral based cultures such as Aboriginal people (and approximately 70 countries of the world) learn best?

The technological and logistical advances of globalisation have enabled users to become independent and empowered as never before but this technology does not diminish the instinctive inheritance and collective communications systems used daily by those from oral based societies, such as Aboriginal families. For Indigenous people and those of oral based societies, independence is contextualised in the vital relationship and links they enjoy with others (our In-Group); in their families and communities, in their wider cultural societies, geographical entities, and finally, as a part of the entire living landscapes that surrounds them.

About Nola
Ms Nola Turner-Jensen is a Wiradjuri Aboriginal Woman on her Mother’s side.  A former social worker & current indigenous education consultant, Nola is also an accomplished published writer of four books.  
As CEO/ founder, Nola is the content writer for Crackerjack Education the leading indigenous run company of its type in Australia. In this role, Nola, has written & designed over 100 interactive digital resources, e-Books, games and activities based on her families Ancient Indigenous Learning style.
Nola is the lead researcher and writer of the ground breaking CultuRecode™ Instinctive Belief System Theory released in May 2016. She was instrumental in establishing the first ever Indigenous Chamber of Commerce in Australia
In 2013 Nola was chosen by Oxfam as 1 of 60 Indigenous women leaders across Australia & in 2018 she was selected to be included in the Qld NAIDOC e-Book & nominated in the top 100 Inspiring Rare Birds of Australia