Whole school approaches involve all school staff, parents and carers, students and the broader community in an active collaboration to address an issue in accordance with an agreed plan. This is distinct from an approach that assigns responsibility to particular staff members operating independently of other school community members.
Schools with an emphasis on building wellbeing work to develop a pro-social school culture, underpinned by positive teacher-student relationships and championed by school leaders, who remain involved and committed throughout the process.
Certain principles underpin whole school approaches:
•             universal implementation
•             embedded in the school’s curriculum, pedagogy, systems and processes
•             sustainable over time
•             involves parents and wider community
•             uses multiple strategies and sequences
•             ensures that teachers’ behaviour is consistent with core values and direction
•             do not rely on one-off information sessions, assemblies etc.
Developing respectful relationships across a school’s community is an important pathway to lower bullying, enhance wellbeing and improve academic outcomes.

About Sue

Sue Cahill is the Student Wellbeing Leader at St Charles Borromeo Primary School in Templestowe, a role she has held for 18 years. Sue is a member of the advisory council of The National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB), an initiative of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. NCAB is a peak body working to advise and inform the Australian community on the issue of childhood bullying and the creation of safe schools and communities, including the issue of cyber safety.
Sue is also an accredited Values Based Education trainer as a result of her involvement in the Federal Government’s Values Education Good Practice schools program. Sue’s school, St Charles Borromeo Primary, was the first school in Australia to gain eSmart accreditation. eSmart, an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, uses a cultural change approach to improve cyber safety and reduce cyber bullying. Sue was a member of the Beyond Blue National Education Initiative Technical Advisory Network that worked on the Be You initiative. Sue leads nine schools in the Victorian Government’s Respectful Relationship’s project.