Teacher Wellbeing from the Inside Out - Simple & Practical Strategies to Use Now
Daniela Falecki

Teaching is stressful, in fact teachers are the most stressed profession in the world (Stoeber, 2008). With increasing admin & demands, meetings, accountability and students with complicated needs, teachers are struggling. While research informs practice when it comes to student wellbeing, what about teacher wellbeing? What we do know is that in order for students to be well our staff must also be well (McCallum & Price, 2010).
Through a Positive Psychology lens, we explore the 5 dimensions of wellbeing to identify evidence-based teacher wellbeing initiatives that go beyond weekly morning teas and one-off staff BBQ’s, to begin forming healthy routines grounded in theories of meaning, mindset and mood. As a result, staff feel more valued, have a deeper appreciation of differences, and are given opportunities to celebrate their busyness as achievements instead of burdens.
People will leave this session with a greater understanding of HOW to support teacher wellbeing as well as simply initiatives to begin using immediately.

About Daniela
Daniela Falecki, founder Teacher Wellbeing, specializing in Positive Psychology to build teacher capacity & resilience. With more than 20 years’ experience across all sectors of education, Daniela holds a Masters in Education (Leadership), a Bachelor of Education (HPE), a Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education and is a licensed Mental Toughness practitioner, certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Daniela is a Senior Associate for the Positivity Institute, International Coach Federation and International Positive Psychology Association member and lectures at Western Sydney University.