Agile Systems Design for Learning
Peter Fahey, St James’ Parish Primary School

Agile systems design for learning is a design for contextualised learning. It focuses on the significant decision makers in the organisation that being Professional Educators rather than administrative or clinical experts. It shifts away from working in Standardised Mechanistic Model emphasising a reductionist paradigm, to learning in an Open Network Platform. The design is deeply entrenched in ‘Complexity Theory’ underpinned by the concepts of emergence, systems and integrative levels. The Science of Learning principles enables constructive alignment of strategies and techniques and is the catalyst for the removal of misconceptions and mythology, which has corroded the profession of education and wellbeing of those in our schools.

About Peter
Peter is the Co-Principal of St James’ Parish Primary School in Ballarat. Peter has been a leading educator with over 30 years experience in schools. Peter’s experience has enabled him to develop and apply his Agile Systems Design to schools. This is not a program! The Design aligns research form education, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and high performing organisations to enable Contextual Wellbeing, with a focus on learning empowerment. The design enables adults to live the experience of learning: the trajectory of learning, visible systems and strategies whilst transferring this context into the lives of children. The outcomes have been beyond all expectations.