Thursday Keynote

Teaching the Future
David Bott, GGS Institute of Positive Education
Humans are a storytelling species. We make sense of our complex reality through personal and shared narrative. As we look back, the stories of our past help us understand our present. And our ability to look forward – to create potential scenarios – allows us to tell stories about a range of possible futures. Psychology has long understood the role of past experience on future behavior. But only now are we really starting to understand the role of future possibilities on future behavior. This presentation will explore why, as educators, it is crucial that we not only help our students learn from the past, but that we explicitly teach the future.

About David
David Bott is the Associate Director of the Institute of Positive Education. David helps lead one of the world’s most experienced teams dedicated to research, development and training in the field of Positive Education. David has been involved in training thousands of teachers from hundreds of schools around the world in designing, implementing and sustaining individual and whole-school approaches to wellbeing. David also consults with government departments and some of the world’s leading schools to help guide wellbeing vision and strategy.    
David’s current role follows three years as Head of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar where he led the School’s wellbeing programme across four campuses and headed the School’s Psychology Department.  David lives with his wife, son and daughter on the Corio campus of Geelong Grammar School.