Friday Main Stage

Teaching THROUGH Wellbeing: the role of wellbeing pedagogy within a whole-school approach
Leonie Abbott, Berry Street Education Model

All of us have times when we feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed at work. When this happens, it is easy to fall back on the 4 C’s: cry, cuss, crack it or close-down. Yet, when it comes to supporting wellbeing for our students, we, as educational leaders must understand our own role in modelling positive, calm and resilient behaviour  to our students. 
Drawing on Berry Street's extensive three-year longitudinal research, we have come to understand that students want teachers to 'teach' them coping skills. This means that students need their teachers to demonstrate empathy, de-escalation and appropriate re-focusing, and consequently to demonstrate resilient behaviour in the face of adversity. 
This presentation will help you to return to school with strategies you can anchor in your inter-personal practice, your classroom practice and your whole of school practice, to support yourself and to ensure you help your students develop their own resilience responses.
About Leonie
Leonie Abbott (BEd, GCertBusAdmin, MAPP) is an influencer. Relying on evidence-based research she urges teachers to be reflective practitioners so that all students can learn, especially those who are trauma-affected.  Leonie is Assistant Director of Berry Street, Education and demonstrates her own pedagogy delivering the Berry Street Education Model training. An active board director of both Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) and Southern Cross Grammar, Leonie strives to incorporate her learning from the Master of Positive Psychology in her interactions with communities and believes the science of wellbeing is a powerful road map for continuous growth.