Mind Food

Integrating Sound Social and Emotional Wellbeing Principles Into Children’s Literature
with author Steve Heron
Steve’s middle-grade novel Maximus will provide the basis of his mini presentation on the concepts informing the social and emotional wellbeing context of the narrative. Maximus is a story about relationships that go wrong and how those relationships are repaired. The narrative builds a culture of respect and understanding, turning negatives to positives and cultivating hope.
Steve will also touch on his upcoming Picture Book ‘Ling Li’s Lantern’ about Wisdom and Compassion.
About Steve
Steve Heron’s passion is to power hope in children. Founder of Nurture Works, ‘BUZ – Build Up Zone’ socio/emotional programs used in schools, he received an Order of Australia Medal in 2016 for contribution to the social and emotional wellbeing of children. Steve now writes kids’ books. His first middle-grade novel ‘Maximus’ (Serenity Press) was released in 2018 and Picture Book ‘Ling Li’s Lantern’ (Midnight Sun Publishers) will be released in 2020.