Voices for Calm
Positive Schools Initiative 2020
A project to unpack experiences of anxiety in the classroom and identify key factors that help students to feelcourageous, confident and calm


Nervousness worry and occasional feelings of anxiety are a normal and healthy part of everyone’s life. However, for some individuals, feelings of anxiety becomeso frequent and/or intense that they impact on their ability to live a healthy and productive life.  These problematic and deeply concerning levels of anxiety are increasingly being identified in students in schools and colleges Australia wide.


It is proposed that an increased understanding of everyday contextual triggers of anxious feelings and thoughts; along with a better understanding of everyday factors that support courage, confidence and calm, would be enormously beneficial to school students and staff as well as to clinicians and others interested in young peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.
The project offers a public platform through which young people can identify, articulate and share thoughts in the growing global conversation about improving mental health and wellbeing at school.


The Voices for Calm project
Students are invited to present photo and/or brief video answers to two simple but powerful questions about their reaction to classroom and school life.


Selected responses will then be organized into short two to three-minute films for presentation at the Positive Schools conferences and on both The Positive Schools and Positive Times websites. 
Responses will also be confidentially analysed for inclusion in review papers and articles concerning the project. (Student anonymity will be respected in any published article or paper).

All participating schools will be provided with access to both the final Positive Schools ‘Voices for Calm’ presentations and relevant articles and/or papers that are published.


Contact Dr Fenny Muliadi for further information via (please write ‘Voices for Calm’ in the subject line) or the Positive Schools team on  08-9388 8843
We hope you see participation in this project as an opportunity to learn more about your students experience of school life, to better support vulnerable students day-to-day, and to participate in a valuable Nationwide school wellbeing project.