In this session, delegates will be given theoretical context of the impact of stress on the brain and how this interferes with the learning process. We will explore the triune brain model [in a way which can also be presented to students], and the interplay of certain neurotransmitters in relation to learning. An overview to the main areas of the brain will be presented and an exploration of how we can teach these to children up to middle school.
Character identities and narratives have been created by a team of educators to teach brain-based strategies to young children as a prevention against developing mental health problems. The characters take a narrative approach to help children understand the function of their brains under stress and what they can do to manage their body’s responses. The characters represent scientific strategies and enable children to apply them with confidence and meaning. Examples will show a whole school approach and footage of what it could look like within educational settings.
About Maria
Ms Maria Ruberto is a consultant psychologist, with over 25 years of clinical and industry experience, facilitating practical workshops and professional education to forward thinking organisations. Maria has worked with beyondblue and to support educational resources for school communities. Her current work in schools include the support of developing "Honeybee Leadership" practices, which is a highly researched area of sustainable leadership to foster social capital and resilient participants.
As an Applied Neuropsychotherapist, her work in brain-based behaviour, traumainformed practice and neural resilience lends itself to building cultures of care in educational communities.
About Athena
Ms Athena Vass has had 30 years of experience in education as a Teacher, Assistant Principal and coach in primary and secondary education across 16 schools within the western region of Melbourne. She has worked with beyondblue as the Program Leader for Youth, and currently leads Positive Education and Wellbeing at Buckley Park College. She is also currently teaching best practice ‘wellbeing’ implementation to pre service teachers at Victoria University. Athena has been an active and passionate member of Rotary for approximately 23 years; recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow (Sapphire), and awarded a Centenary Medal for her work in building community capacity.