Thursday workshop

Avoiding the Grey Zone: Burnout, Stress and Strategies
Stephen MacDonald and Kelly Michael, Human Inc.

We have all heard the words “In case of emergency fit your own oxygen mask first” yet for those in caring professions such as teaching this often feels like an unsurmountable concept. How often do you get to the end of a term and get sick?

There are countless studies exploring the wellbeing of teachers and the rise in numbers of teachers reporting acute stress, chronic stress and burnout. This has been identified as a significant contributor to teachers leaving the profession early. It is well documented that those in caring roles are at greater risk of experiencing burnout. Burnout is not a new concept -the Greek word Acedia, meaning listlessness, was used as early as the 4th century to describe monks who after decades of caring for others doubted whether they were making a significant contribution to those around them. It is however on the rise with the World Health Organisation recently bringing greater awareness to this workplace phenomena.

In this this workshop you will:

About Stephen

Executive coach. Team training and workshop facilitator. Strategic cultural alignment. Leadership and wellbeing keynote speaker. Steve applies the evidence-based science of organisational psychology to the challenge of unlocking human potential for organisations across the private, public, not-for-profit sectors, and education sector. He is passionate about working with education systems and schools to partner with them in their noble pursuit of creating great students.

From cultural and organisational development strategies, through to highly tailored team and individual interventions optimising wellbeing, resilience and performance, Steve believes the key to harnessing human potential lies in personal journeys of discovery and capability development. For Steve, the business of optimising productivity and performance is about balancing professional capability and personal wellbeing. It’s about motivating and equipping individuals to achieve their optimum, not just for their employer, but for themselves. Steve’s focus is on every school finding their unique voice rather than trying to copy others.

About Kelly

Kelly is the Co-Founder and Director of Everyday Leader – a for purpose organisation focused on providing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs to secondary school students and educators. She has always been fascinated by human behaviour, having worked with global corporations in training, leadership development and brand management.  With the belief that every young person irrespective of their social label, academic ability and background has the potential to be a leader and make a positive impact in the world, Kelly embarked on the inspiring and often challenging journey of bringing SEL to secondary schools.

With a focus on long term sustainable outcomes, Everyday Leader has worked with over 15,000 young people in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Character Strengths, Resiliency, Mindfulness, Purpose, Growth Mindset, Healthy Relationships, Communication, Goal Setting and Empathy. The organisation also hosts Thrive, which is the largest free youth conference in Australia. Having built Everyday Leader from the ground up, Kelly works with global leading experts in psychology, education, neuroscience, sociology, social impact and business to ensure that all programs are of a cutting-edge, world-class quality and aligned with current research.