Thursday Workshop

This is not a drill: Being prepared for challenging classrooms
Brendan Bailey, Berry Street Education Model
This workshop will present multiple strategies for students with complex needs. Drawing on the latest in social neuroscience, and teacher experiences with youth at the Berry Street School, we will focus on concrete actions and strategies that educators can use to ensure that when we walk into the classroom we feel prepared for the most difficult situations. We will discuss how to: incorporate strategies to create a de-escalating emotional tone in our most challenging classrooms; model mindful noticing and radical acceptance for our most complex children; and use the attunement bond to bring students into our calm, rather than contributing to their chaos.
 About Brendan
Brendan Bailey (MAPP, BA, Grad Dip Ed) has experience as a teacher and positive education leader in mainstream, specialist, and alternative settings.  Currently he is the Head of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). Through his work as speaker, trainer, and writer about trauma-informed positive education, he has driven the uptake of trauma-aware and positive education strategies with organisations as diverse as the Teacher Learning Network, the Australian Football League, The University of Melbourne, Smiling Mind, and various schools and government departments across Australia and internationally.