Welcome to Positive Schools 2021
with Tracey Spicer AO
Walkley Award winning Author, Journalist and Broadcaster.
Advocate for Women’s Rights and Equity in Society

Supporting Schools in 2021
Professor Pasi Sahlberg
Professor of Education Policy, University of New South Wales
Former Finnish Director General of Education
Author and Advocate for Equity in Schools
Beyond the Presentation
Pasi Sahlberg in conversation with Tracey Spicer

10:30 – 11:00 – Morning tea, coffee and food

The Power of Self-Acceptance
Professor Michael Bernard, University of Melbourne
Emeritus Professor, University of California State University
Founder, ‘You Can Do It’

Value, Goals and Resilient Striving
Dr Helen Street
Co-Founder and Chair, The Positive Schools Initiative
Honorary Fellow, University of Western Australia Graduate School of Education
Founder and Best-Selling Author, Contextual Wellbeing

Building Trauma-Informed Resilience in the Classroom

Dr Tom Brunzell
Director of Education, Berry Street
Honorary Fellow, University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Education Advisor, Former School Leader and Teacher

Beyond the Presentation
Helen Street and Tom Brunzell in conversation with Tracey Spicer

13:00 – 14:00 – Hot Buffet Lunch

Moving from Resentment towards Gratitude
The why and how for positive relationships
Dr Kerry Howells
Expert in Gratitude
Author, Educator and Academic Researcher


Supporting Young People in Schools
Andrew Fuller
Clinical Psychologist and Best-selling Author
Honorary Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Beyond the Presentation
Andrew Fuller in conversation with Tracey Spicer


Welcome to Day Two of Positive Schools 2021
Rev Richard Pengelley

Core Team Member – The Positive Schools Initiative
Chaplain, St Mary’s College, Western Australia

Supporting Resilience with Rites of Passage
Dr Arne Rubenstein
Expert on Childhood Development and Rites of Passage
Founder/CEO, The Rites of Passage Institute
Beyond the Presentation
Arne Rubenstein in conversation with Richard Pengelley

10:30 – 11:00 – Morning tea, coffee and food

Supporting Cybersafety in Young People
Susan Mclean
Cybersafety Expert and Best-Selling Author
Inaugural Victorian Police Cybersafety Officer

Leading Well Beings –
How to create the conditions for your team to thrive
Dan Haesler
Educator and Organizational Wellbeing Coach
Director, Cut Through Coaching

Ten steps every school must consider post-coronacoaster
Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Expert in Cybersafety and Online Wellbeing and Mental Health
Best-Selling Author and Presenter

Beyond the Presentation
Michael Carr-Gregg in conversation with Richard Pengelley

13:00 – 14:00 – Hot Buffet Lunch


Teacher Wellbeing
Daniella Falecki, Founder of ‘Teacher Wellbeing’
Life Coach, Mental Toughness Practitioner and Former Teacher

Creating Positive Schools with Trauma-Informed Practice
WA – Tom Brunzell (Director of Education, Berry Street)

Building Whole School Wellbeing with Resilient Relationships
John Hendry OAM, Acclaimed Educator
Education Consultant supporting Positive School Culture

The ‘Why’ of Mindfulness in Schools (WA only)
Janet Etty-Leal, Expert in Mindfulness
Founder and Author of ‘Meditation Capsules’

Additional workshops TBA