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Andrew Martin Positive Schools 2013

Andrew Martin

Academic Buoyancy


Promoting Students’ Academic Growth and Academic Buoyancy: Evidence-based Approaches to Educational Practice


This presentation proposes that the well-rounded student is one who is not only motivated and engaged but is able to bounce back when the going gets tough. Given this, the concept of academic buoyancy is introduced and the key motivation factors predicting students’ ability to bounce back are presented. Following this are specific strategies that practitioners can use to enhance students’ academic buoyancy – including building self-efficacy, reducing anxiety and fear of failure, boosting control, and enhancing persistence. Also examined in the presentation is the issue of academic growth and ways to adopt motivational growth-oriented practices in the learning context through personal best (PB) goals, learning growth indicators, and achievement growth mapping.


About Andrew


Dr Andrew Martin is a Registered Psychologist, Member of the College of Developmental and Educational Psychologists, President-Elect of Division 5 (Educational, Instructional, and School Psychology) of the International Association of Applied Psychology. His research focuses on motivation, engagement, and achievement as well as work into boys’ and girls’ education, gifted and talented, disengagement, academic buoyancy and courage, pedagogy, parenting, teacher-student relationships, and Aboriginal education. He was listed in The Bulletin magazine’s SMART 100 Australians and in the Top 10 in the field of Education. His books, "How to Motivate Your Child For School and Beyond" (Bantam) and “How to Help Your Child Fly Through Life: The 20 Big Issues” (Bantam) are published in five languages and have been enthusiastically received by schools and parents across Australia and beyond. His latest book, “Building Classroom Success, Eliminating Academic Fear and Failure” (Continuum) was published in early 2010.









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