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Buz in Schools & Nurture Works

Gimme 5 – Bully-Proofing - All Power To The Shields


Effective strategies for keeping yourself safe and being respected.

Bullying can be defined as a repeated, persistent or systematic action by one or more people that violates another’s rights to feel safe and be respected.

Bullying is about power imbalance. Bully-proofing is therefore about balancing the power.

The BUZ Gimme 5 Tactics for Bully-proofing rebalance the power through a collective of strategies that empower children.

WALK – When, how and where to walk away the ‘cool’ way using positive body language.

TALK – When and how to talk to someone who is picking on you. How to be assertive and the effective use of “I messages”. Say how you feel, say why you feel that way, say what you want.

BOUNCE – When and how to use retorts. How to be resilient with your words and actions, so as to deflect or quench the power in bullying.

GET HELP – How, where and who to get help from – Getting help is about finding the right kind of support to strengthen your ability to handle the unbalanced situations. This may include intervention by trustworthy adults.

BULLY SHIELDS – All Power to the shields

1.         Building yourself up – grow your strengths and believe in yourself.

2.         Having a group of supportive friends – finding people who help you to believe in yourself.

3.         Handling your feelings – managing the strong emotions associated with bulling.

4.         Changing negatives to positives – ability to learn from social situations and turn things around. (resilience)

5.         Treat others as you want them to treat you – when you give respect there is more chance of receiving respect. Having positive morals and the ability to treat others respectfully.


About Steve



Steve Heron is the founder of “Nurture Works” and developer of “BUZ - Build Up Zone”. Steve has over 35 years experience working in pastoral care with children in schools, families, camps and the community. Author of the positive book “BUZOLOGY – Powering Hope in Children”, Steve is also a children's book author, a song writer and innovator in his field.

He has been described as an affirmative vandal because of his positive approach to making the world a better place for children.

Steve is currently contracted by YouthCARE (WA) to train Chaplains and Teachers in BUZ initiatives and programs in schools and has grass roots experience two days a week as a YouthCARE Chaplain in a public school.








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