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Julie Davey

The FabFirst5 and the Possibili-tree – 'strategies to boost resilience through positive focus'

When used in class, the FabFirst5 assists children to focus on schoolwork by utilising the art of Distraction. The Possibili-tree helps them think outside of the box and solve problems. Using both elements together, this simple daily practice creates healthy habits by encouraging positive focus until it becomes an unconscious skill.

Children who are predominantly kinesthetic or visual enjoy creating their own Possibili-tree, ‘Wishing leaves’ and ‘Apples’ (the food-for-thought gained from each challenge) then displaying their poster permanently for early morning focus.

Much of Dr Martin Seligman’s research supports the theories behind this Program and his colleague Associate Professor Lea Waters suggested “The FabFirst5 may be a way to counteract negativity bias.”

In pre-launch, a 12 y.o. girl who gained a positive shift with the FabFirst5, showed it to her counsellor, who then chose to use it with other clients. The child then mentored her friend in the program and when their teacher also raved about it, we were convinced to proceed.

It has been taken up in schools wherever Julie has presented the program to staff.


About Julie

Jullie Davey Positive Schools Menatl Health and Wellbeing Conference

Julie Davey is dedicated to encouraging people to focus upon their strengths and reach their potential.

Initially trained as a General Nurse; Div.1, and mindful of the influence of mindset and prevention (or early intervention) in the attainment of wellbeing, Julie has spent the past 20 years researching positive psychology and presenting relevant theories into resources suitably attractive to children. She encourages parents to communicate positive messages to their children from Day One.

Author of eight books, she has presented to audiences in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Her books are distributed in 15 countries. Four, including the FabFirst5, have been translated into Korean.







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