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Master Class (Day 2)

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10.30 – 11.00

2012 Positive Teacher of the Year      

The Winners Journey

WA- Peter Trimble, Brentwood Primary School

QLD- Sherrin Justo, Nambour State High School

VIC - Karen Brunskill, Glendal Primary School


WA - Peter Trimble

Deputy Principal, Brentwood Primary School, WA

Peter Trimble –  nomination written by Pat Nottle, Peter’s principal    



Peter Trimple Positive Teahcer of the Year I have been in education for over thirty years and I am amazed that an experienced teacher such as Peter has still an abundance of positive energy which he shares on a daily basis with both children and staff.

As a new principal to the school, I am motivated and inspired by the way Peter is a positive role model for everyone. He 'walks the talk.'

He initiated the School Virtues Programme by growing the idea in his classroom and now the whole school has adopted this positive approach which he models every day.

He mentors students at risk and young staff members regularly and always has 'time' for everyone.

His teaching style is very nurturing and gives the older students a 'voice' to be heard and they respect him.

He is the driving force for our peer mediation programme which supports students in the playground.


He keeps the children in touch with 'Mother Nature' through a sustainable environmental programme which involves the community.

I am very glad that he is in my team as we need to teach and learn in a positive learning environment. The general well being of Brentwood Primary School is all the better because of... Peter.                                                                                              


Sherrin Justo Positive Schools ConferenceQLD- Sherrin Justo


HoD Social Justice, Nambour State High School

Sherrin Justo – nomination written by Sherrin’s supervisor Sean

Sherrin heads up our Network Support Team, a group comprising support staff such as Guidance Officers, School Chaplains, School Nurse, Behaviour Support Officer and Indigenous Support Counsellors. 

Over the past three years she has done an outstanding job of welding this team into a highly-effective supportive group for our students. 

She has initiated a range of programs that contribute to positive mental health outcomes for our kids ranging from anti-bullying programs, mental wellbeing programs, s*xual violence programs, indigenous support programs etc. 

She also supports a number of students directly with their individual issues, many of which are a result of horrific family backgrounds and/or past trauma. 

She has done this whilst dealing with a number of personal and serious health issues herself.  Despite this, and despite intense and often challenging nature of her work, she is eternally cheerful, positive and energetic and is always the first to support others, often including staff, with their problems putting their needs before hers. 


She is frequently the first person that students and staff go to for support when things aren't going well. 

She is an exceptional educational leader and an exceptional person.  She is very worthy of recognition.


Karen Brunskill Positive Teacher of the Year Award 2012VIC - Karen Brunskill,

Assistant Principal, Glendal Primary School

Karen Brunskill – nomination written by Karen’s principal Deborah

Karen is an inspirational teacher who supports and has developed our whole school student and staff wellbeing program and shared this with other schools. She is highly respected by the school community and has studied to masters level in order to improve her knowledge and skills. 

She provides professional development for teachers and teacher aides, manages the wellbeing programs, works with children individually, in groups and classes. 

She has designed our school 'learning community' where, for the first 6-10 days of term 1 the teachers and children all work on developing relationships, resilience and social skills.

She is always smiling, commits significant time and energy to our school, and passionately inspires us all.  Karen cares about our staff and children and has made a difference to many children's and their families' lives.

Karen introduced the You Can Do It program, supplementing this with a suite of well researched wellbeing programs to provide a common language for developing social skills throughout the school and community. 

She arranges celebrations for children and the community to foster community spirit and develops Emotional Wellbeing and Intelligence in the school and school community. 

Karen works with outside support agencies and advocates for our children extensively.








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