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Workshop Room

13.30 – 15.00

Sue Roffey

Circle Solutions

Sue Roffey Positive Schools Conference

Circle Solutions i(CS) s both a philosophy for healthy relationships and a pedagogy for developing them. The framework for group interaction is based on respect, safety, inclusion, agency and equal opportunities for participation. Rather than focusing on specific problems it emphasises strengths and solutions.

The aim is for people to think reflectively and creatively, talk together about important issues, grow to have understanding about themselves and others, and over time develop skills to put into practice. Circles are also intended to be fun!

Circle Solutions address General Capabilities in the National Curriculum, the Revised Safe Schools framework, resilience programs and values education.

Evidence indicates that, with appropriate facilitation, relationships between students, class ethos, confidence, communication skills and teacher-student relationships change in positive ways and generalises beyond the classroom. (McCarthy, 2009)  Schools all around Australia are finding CS to be effective in promoting wellbeing, connectedness and more pro-social behaviour.

“I am having a wonderful time running Circles here and the children are really enjoying it and using the skills they learn - very exciting”  Email September 15th 2011.


This interactive workshop gives participants an overview of the Circle Solutions philosophy and an opportunity to participate in some Circle activities. 

About Sue

Dr Sue Roffey is Adjunct Assoc. Professor at the University of Western Sydney, Founder and Director of Wellbeing Australia  and Fellow of the RSA.  She lives between Sydney and London and is an international authority on issues related to behaviour in school, social and emotional learning, relational quality and wellbeing in education.  Sue is a prolific author of both books and journal articles on these issues. Her latest (edited) book is Positive Relationships: Evidence based practice across the world.  Sue initiated NAPCAN’s Aboriginal Girls Circle - an innovative program based in the Circle Solutions philosophy.  See www.sueroffey.com







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