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Launching at Positive Schools 2013

Happy Schools


Dan Haesler and Ray Francis

"It’s great to learn of the work that Dan Haesler and Ray Francis are doing - it's such a good idea and the materials are really engaging. If only more educators thought along the same lines." – Sorcha Mahony , The New Economics Foundation, UK.


In 2008, as part of the Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing, the UK Government commissioned the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to review the inter-disciplinary work of over 400 scientists from across the world.

The aim was to identify a set of evidence-based actions to improve wellbeing, which individuals would be encouraged to build into their daily lives.

Happy Schools is based on this research, along with the work of, amongst others, Martin Seligman, Ryan & Deci, Dan Pink, Sir Ken Robinson and Tal Ben Shahar.

In this workshop, creators of Happy Schools, Dan Haesler and Ray Francis dispel some of the myths and misgivings that might surround our attitudes towards happiness.

Focusing on the science, this session will introduce you to the five evidence-based ways to wellbeing and some simple strategies, policies and interventions you can introduce to improve the wellbeing of your whole school community.

The Happy School is a whole school approach that aims to foster Happy Teachers, Happy Kids and Happy Families.

For more information please visit http://happyschools.com.au


About Ray


Ray Francis leads the PDHPE department at Emanuel School in Sydney, Australia. As a teacher of 25 years experience, Ray has worked in a wide range of environments and roles, ranging from Head of Department in a large inner-city London school to developing literacy support programs for ESL students in Western Sydney.

In recent years Ray has been developing teaching programs that engage young people in developing positive attitudes to physical wellbeing, whilst also building the mental skills that support flourishing resilient individuals.

In 2012 he was invited to present at the NSW Association of Independent School Pastoral Care Conference to share his research, and best practice around the links between wellbeing and student achievement. These initiatives have since been adopted by several Sydney schools.

Ray’s teaching programs incorporate the evidenced based research of the New Economics Foundation’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing in addition to that of Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Martin Seligman, Professor Arthur Costa, Tal Ben Shahar Professor Carol Dweck, and Dr. John Ratey.


About Dan


Described as engaging, thought provoking and someone who pushes the boundaries; Dan Haesler has appeared alongside some of the world’s most respected educational thinkers including Sir Ken Robinson, Stephen Heppell and Barbara Fredrickson.

As well as speaking around Australia, Dan’s work has been featured in professional journals and the mainstream media. In 2012 he was quoted in the Australian Houses of Parliament during a Senate Debate on Youth Depression and Suicide.

He also writes for the education page of the Sydney Morning Herald

Dan works with schools, universities, corporate companies and not-for-profit organisations.

He is the founder of YouthEngage, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at preventing kids from falling through the cracks.










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