Positive Schools

Master Class (Day 2)

Main Stage (Day 1)


Workshop Room

13.30 – 15.00

The Jane Goodall Institute

Natalie Houghton, CEO


The World Becomes What We Teach:  How to build a generation of solutionaries through Jane Goodall's Humane Education program


Humane Education is a process that promotes compassion and respect for all living things with a focus on environmental preservation, animal protection and social justice/human rights. Humane Education creates connections with the mind and the heart, with other people, animals and the environment on which we all depend.

It is through knowledge and connection that individuals find the empowerment and motivation to take effective action towards a better world.

In this introductory workshop, Dr Alicia Kennedy will share some of the principles, methodologies and outcomes of Humane Education, giving participants a taste of what is possible through this relatively new and inspiring field of education - bringing hope for our society to create a peaceful, humane and just world.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in example lessons through group activities that illustrate the core principles of Humane Education.

Finally, the presenter will introduce Jane Goodall’s global youth program that provides the tools and motivation to empower young people all over the world to become solutionaries and create a better world for people, animals and the environment.


About Natalie



CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, Natalie has had a diverse and rich life from teaching indigenous children in the Northern Territory, co-managing sheep and cattle stations in outback Queensland to running whale-watching eco-tourism adventures. With an unyielding desire to help animals, Natalie completed a post graduate study of Animal Welfare 9 years ago, where she discovered a key to helping animals- Humane Education and Jane Goodall’s global Roots & Shoots program. Natalie soon realised the power of Humane Education in breaking the cycle of violence and apathy and creating change for a better world for animals, plants and eco-systems. Natalie echoes a key message of Jane Goodall - that it is time for humans to take responsibility and join together as compassionate, sustainable and peaceful Earth stewards.


About The Jane Goodall Institute


•          JGI is a global conservation and humanitarian organisation with offices in 26 countries around the world, including Australia.

•          Our Vision- to be Australia’s leading Humane Education and Great Ape Conservation organisation.

•          Our Mission- to involve everyone in global and local environmental, conservation and humanitarian action that contributes to a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

•          Our History- established in 1977 by Dr Jane Goodall- Dame of the British Empire, world renowned primatologist, humanitarian, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace.

•          Our Programs- reflect our integrated approach to improving the environment shared by all of earth’s living creatures. We have 2 flagship programs:

1.         Our Africa programs- helping critically endangered chimpanzees with an orphan sanctuary in the Congo Republic. We also protect fragile gorilla and chimpanzee habitat in the Congo basin through education and community centred conservation.

2.         Our humane education program- inspires and empowers the whole community to learn about and solve problems affecting humans, animals and the environment, creating a worldwide network of conscientious problem solvers and change-makers. It is making a difference in 131 countries around the world.

•          Our Campaigns-

1.         Mobile phone recycling- businesses and individuals can recycle mobile phones through JGI to reduce landfill and reduce demand for coltan , a metal used in all mobile phones mined from fragile chimp and gorilla habitats in Africa.

2.         Palm oil- boycott products from the supermarket that are labelled palm oil or vegetable oil. Palm oil plantations destroy orang-utan habitats in SE Asia.

3.         Live the Change Challenge- our new campaign to affect behaviour change. Choose 3 sustainable and human behaviours from a list and commit to them for 21 days. Begins on May 16 and ends on World Environment Day on June 5.

•          For more information, go to www.janegoodall.org.au

•          Key messages:

-           JGI was founded by Dr Jane Goodall originally for the conservation and protection of chimpanzees, but now it is about much more than chimpanzees. Now, it is about creating a better world for all living things- people, animals and eco-systems because they are all interconnected.

-           JGI Australia inspires and engages everyone in conservation and humanitarian action through Jane Goodall’s educational program.

-           To get involved:

1.         Become a JGIA member and fundraise for JGIA online in any way you like

2.         Participate in our campaigns (mobile phone recycling, Palm Oil, Live the Change Challenge)

3.         Start or join a group , Introduce Humane Education to your school or community








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