Positive Schools

Master Class (Day 2)

Main Stage (Day 1)


A chance to meet your favourite presenters in comfort


Originated especially for Positive Schools 2013, The Staff Room is a new concept in conference participation. With open access for all delegates, it offers the opportunity for you to meet your favourite presenters face to face to share a chat, to ask a specific question or simply to ask them to sign a book.


Conferences like Positive Schools offer a great opportunity to see your favourite educators and authors present in person. Often their words will inspire you and motivate you to further pursue the ideas and strategies they suggest. You may choose to buy a book they have written, in which case you can visit The Staff Room to ask them for a signature. You may feel motivated to read further notes or articles on ideas you have heard discussed in which case, The Staff Room offers an informal opportunity to speak to the presenters in person to ask for their personal recommendations.


You may wish to invite a favoured presenter to your school to share their wisdom and knowledge with your whole staff. The Staff Room offers an opportunity for you to make the first step in this process.


Or, you may simply want to say hello to your favourite positive educators, and share a coffee. The Staff Room offers a relaxed setting so that you can meet presenters up close and personal throughout the day.


The Staff Room will be located in an easily accessible designated area


Look out for the signs on the day!









Please book early to ensure you secure your place at the most important Positive Schools Conference yet.